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How to Write a CV

How to write a CV. Your CV is the most powerful tool you have to showcase your skills & knowledge and get you to the face-to-face interview stage.

It is imperative that your CV is clear, concise and to the point. A CV that is too long will lose the readers interest, and equally, one that is too short will not engage the reader.  The advice below aims to help you achieve an effective CV that highlights your strengths and keeps the reader interested…



As a recent graduate it is important that you highlight your educational achievements in more detail as you may not have much, if any, substantial work experience. Go into detail about your degree, modules and placements that you have completed. Keep the work experience brief. Your CV should ideally be between 1 – 2 pages in length.

Please click here to download our graduate CV template to help get you started.


Experienced Professionals:

As an experienced professional, it is important that you show off your knowledge and experience. This is what will ultimately sell you to prospective employers. Tell them what your role entails, what you have achieved and your responsibilities. Showing this in bullet point format makes it very clear to the reader. Your CV should really be no longer than 3 – 4 pages to maintain the reader’s interest.

Please click here to download our experienced professionals CV template to help you get started.