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Interview Tips

Firstly, congratulations on reaching this stage and securing an interview.

Interviews vary greatly in what the prospective employers will get you to do and the style & type of questions that they may ask you. Through many years of experience, candidate and client feedback and also our own techniques we have come up with some helpful tips below.


Review your CV:

It is imperative that you review and know your CV inside out as this is the document that got you to the interview in the first instance. Understand and highlight your transferable key skills required for the position by preparing a few examples.


Research the Company:

Prepare for your interview by researching the company in as much depth as possible. Review their website and understand what they do. Familiarise yourself with the services or products that they offer and learn who their competitors are. Try to understand the structure of the company and the markets that they operate within.



Always dress smartly, nothing too brash or flamboyant, understated is definitely best. Plan and get your outfit ready the night before to avoid any unnecessary stress. Make sure that your clothes are ironed and your shoes have been shone. Remember to make sure that you have enough product to do your hair as well.



The more preparation that you can do prior to your interview, the better chance you stand of succeeding. Plan your journey in advance and find out where you can park if you are driving so that you arrive punctually. If you are going to be late for any reason then let the company know immediately. You should apologise and explain why you are late when you arrive. Try to arrive early, not too early though. 10 – 15 minutes is a good guide as this will allow you time to compose yourself before the interview starts. Remember to take a pen and a pad with you with your questions on and to take notes and write down any other questions that you may have during the interview.


During the interview:

When you are greeted by the interviewer / interviewees, look happy, have a smile on your face and shake their hand firmly, not too hard if it is a female. Remember to be polite. Maintain eye contact when you are being spoken to and don’t let your mind wander. Watch the body language of the interviewer/s  and try to replicate this.

At the end of the interview ask any questions that you have prepared or thought of during the interview, try to avoid salary unless asked. Ask what the follow up procedure is and when you can expect to hear from them with feedback. If you are interested in the role then let them know.

Remember not to be nervous as they have been in the same boat as you and understand this experience.