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Why should I use an Agency?

This is a very common question. You don’t always need an agency to assist you to find a job; every day, many people successfully utilise the wonder of technology (and the trusty newspaper) to help them find their next post.

Recruiters, however, pay to have access to a range of information and opportunities that are not commonly available to the public. This means that there are more jobs actually available than first meets the eye. Sure, you may well find a good job unassisted, but would you find the job? Recruiters are trained, experienced and equipped to match the ideal candidate to the ideal company, even when that requires a little digging.  In addition, we have the ability to circulate your CV far more widely than you alone would have the capacity too, even with the assistance of online posting sites. This isn’t to say that it’s easy work, or even that we can necessarily be successful in every case, but if a recruiter is showing you interest, the chances are that your CV holds something very precious and potentially in demand.

Companies who are looking to employ new personnel often only advertise through a very select number of recruitment agencies: those whom they have built a positive and promising relationship with. So from an employer’s point of view, what’s the benefit of having a recruitment consultant send over potential candidates as opposed to any Joe Bloggs applying directly? The recruiter screens the candidates. He/she checks for suitability, credibility, employability and gauges just how keen the candidate is before sending anyone over, leaving the employer with a concentrated group of top-quality potential workers.

This is our playground; the world we understand. We see hundreds of CVs every day, we know our clients’ and our candidates’ needs and we often see the potential of your transferable skills before you do. So trust us to find you your new role. It doesn’t cost you a thing after all.